Worlds in Peril: il mondo non basta

Yggdrasil da Loki, v. 1, n. 2 (settembre 2004) © 2004 Marvel
Leggendo Worlds in Peril (Kyle Simons, Adam Bosarge, Jason Faulk, 2015) si trovano parti di manuale molto interessati sulla creazione del mondo di gioco (world building), che non farebbe male leggere anche a parecchi GM di Dungeon World (e non solo):
When players ask questions pay attention. If the questions are about the rules and the game system then answer them. If the questions are about the setting, tone and feel of the world and the agencies in them turn the question around and put it to the players. Make sure this is the world they want to play in — have them create the details they need before getting started. Collaborate with the players, if you have ideas in mind for future important characters like the mayor of the city, government officials, an agency that polices heroes or the chief of police then maybe talk about it and ask them what they think of these characters. Be careful not to get too detailed though — if anyone asks whether there is or isn’t something in the setting and fiction, think hard before saying no. Instead, “Not yet” is a great answer; a comic book world is neve static and you never know when you might need a new element to play with. Better yet, ask them what they think and how it might fit into the fiction!