About Pandora Unboxed

On Google+, +Iacopo Frigerio asked me to talk about the game I wrote for this year’s Game Chef: Pandora Unboxed. At the end of the explanation, I thought it would be a good short article to put on my blog, and here I am:

My game uses the metaphor of a cyberpunk dystopia to talk about relationships through the internet. Man creates the Machines, they rebel and destroy him; few survivors cower in shelters and contact each other via the Internet, which now also has a dedicated OS: Pandora. 
This is an excuse to talk about relationships in the network, the game being a metaphor for love stories born on the internet: to know each other, to trust the other one or not, to say lies sometimes and then, at the end, to see each other in person to find out if everything’s going to work. 
It is also a game of self-alienation from the world, being afraid to leave home, staying in front of the PC. It is a game about agoraphobia, when at the mall you feel observed by everyone, when you fear the outside world. And here’s the metaphor of the OS that you have to open (“unbox”), but also the characters who have to open themselves to act like real human beings who live a social life. 
And here it is the title Pandora Unboxed (a reference to Pandora’s box from Greek mythology): man has within himself all the evil of which he is capable of, but if he does not open himself, he can’t express the good he has inside him, neither.