Lerouge & Lenoire

Lerouge & Lenoire is a pickup neo-noir role-playing game for three people, originated from the contest “G2P 2012 – 1ª edizione”, sponsored by the Italian site about role-playing game designing “Creatori di Sogni”.

Lerouge & Lenoire si a mini-hack based on Apocalypse World (nothing in the contest forbids to make a hack) for three people: the Game Master comes out with a mystery of neo-noir and urban fantasy flavour, while the two players play these two woman gumshoes, precisely Lerouge and Lenoire, who have an investigation agency on their own and have to solve the mystery or to witness the consequences of their failure.

The contest requirements are honoured, since the game is set in only one location, Renoir City (a neo-noir metropolis which remembers New Orleans, with its mix of old and new, French and American) and it has two women as protagonists.