Monsterhearts: Shut Someone Down, To the Books, 1 Mossa 2 Personaggi, Cambiare Stat Evidenziate

Ho interpellato personalmente Joe Mcdaldno (Monsterhearts, 2011) per avere direttamente da lui le risposte ad alcuni dubbi emersi al tavolo di Monsterhearts, mentre giocavo con alcuni amici su Google+ Hangouts.

Hi Joe,

I and my group are playing to “Monsterhearts” via Google+ Hangouts. We have a couple of questions emerged from actual play:

1) “Shut Someone Down”: on a 7-9 you can choose “you each lose a String on one another”. The matter is: can I choose this one if we have no String on each other? And only one of us has a String on the other one? In this case does the “on-a-10-up-indication” (“if they held no Strings on you, gain a String on them”) counts or not?

2) “To the Books” (Chosen Move): do you actually need to be helped by anyone or can you attempt this Move alone? What do you mean with “when the chips are down”?
1.) You can choose "you each lose a String on one another" even if one or both of the characters don't have Strings on one another. It just doesn't do anything for that character - they had 0 Strings, they still have 0 Strings. The "on-a-10-up-indication" thing doesn't trigger in this situation; it only triggers if the player rolls 10+ and selects it.

2.) Yeah, you can hit the books alone. You just don't have very good odds of success. "When the chips are down" is just an expression, meaning "when things aren't going well." You can choose to use To The Books whenever you want to!
Anche Ernesto, che gioca con me, si è sentito di fare alcune domande emerse dal nostro actual play a Joe (post originale qui:

1) During the MH session we're playing right now on Google Hangout, my character, Vanessa the Witch, is being carried out of a police station by Castore the Hollow. They are running away, but Vaness can't walk and is basically relying on Castore for moving. Does she roll for hersel or Castore's roll counts for both?

2) Do you ever change highlighted stats in MH?
1.) I would say that Castore's roll counts for both. And I'd ask questions about whether Castore is really strong enough to carry Vanessa to safety, or if they have to make some make-shift hideout plan.

2.) Yeah! It mentions it on page 14 of the printed book (though an earlier version of the PDF omitted this detail): at the start of each session, choose highlighted stats: the person with the most Strings and the MC each choose one stat to highlight. They can be the same stats that were highlighted last time, if desired.
Ed, in effetti, a p. 14 dell’ultimo PDF che Joe ha mandato via e-mail ai sostenitori di Monsterhearts su Indie Go Go, si può leggere:
At the start of subsequent sessions, choose highlighted stats again. The person with the most Strings on a character and the MC both get to choose one stat to highlight.
Notare che non è una scelta: all’inizio di ogni sessione si devono cambiare le Stat Evidenziate (anche se le nuove Stat Evidenziate possono essere le stesse di prima).

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