My presence at InterNosCon 2012

Finally this year – after years of benchwarming – I’m going to participate to InterNosCon 2012. I’ll be there for all the three days (May, 18th-20th) with Alex “il Mietitore” and Ernesto “Klaus” in the role of roommates.

I’m going here to play 21 Guns (by Iacopo Frigerio), Fiasco’s playset De Medici (by Giulia Barbano and Renato Ramonda) and Trollbabe (by Ron Edwards). I’m also going to bring with me some of my favourite role-playing games to let other players try them. First of all Escape from Tentacle City (by Willow Palecek) and, last but not least (at least in my hopes), my Game Chef 2012 entry, Ultimo Viene il Coyote (Eng. “The Coyote Comes Last”).

Down here there is my “official calendar” for InterNosCon 2012:

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