Vampire: The Masquerade Hackbird Released

At the end of September I announced the release of my Vampire: The Masquerade hackbird for the Vampire Celebration in Sirmione (Italy) on October, 9th. I hardly managed to complete my work, and it is probably crippled in some (little, I hope) point, but the hack as a whole seemed good to me.

People at the Celebration were really nice, and the party I played with was really Malkavian-like (the guys, not the characters). So we enjoyed so much with improbable scenes (especially in the end) about the vampires at the Elysium. If we had behaved like that in a classical Vampire: The Masquerade adventure, probably the poor Storyteller would have hardly managed to get together those foolish happenings. But this is an hackbird (thanks +John Harper)!

So, in my opinion, the outcome of this first “playtest” was positive. If you desire to, you can download my Vampire hackbird (only in Italian, at the moment) here: