The Gentlefae of Cremona: Review by Jason A. Petrasko

This was taken from here:

Wow, the layout. Nicely done, Nicely done. The fiction of this game is evocative, the imagery compelling. I really got sucked in and want to discover the fate of these exiled fallen fae who have forsworn, well you get the picture. 

The rules strike me as well-crafted, with great attention to detail. In particular, Elements are defined are so well handled it hurts. Awesome. I was confused by the Tarot stuff, since I’ve no experience with it, but after looking up Celtic Cross and seeing the character sheet, things fell into place better. I’m still not clear what the chart is for on page 6 (comparing the nature of suits), but I’ll just ignore that and move on. 

The Quiet before the Tempest is my favorite part of the game, I love the way its fiction fired off by mechanics. Its perfect. The finale is good too, and really ties the world to the numbers on your sheet, giving them meaning. 

The only issue I have is that it looks like the game never ends if the protagonists/leads keep winning conflicts, which means the awesome finale never happens in that case? Bummer, I’d feel like I was missing out on an awesome part of the game.

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