Review by Paul Edson

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There’s a lot going on here, and I’m certain that, without the opportunity to try playing, I’ve missed some things. That said, there’s a great deal that I like. The setting and situation of the characters is fertile ground for rich storytelling, and the use of Tarot brings color of its own to the table. I particularly appreciate the distribution of responsibility and roles among all the players during each scene – everyone will have different types of actions to perform over the course of the game. Additionally, the explicit set up for the finale in the “Quiet Before the Storm” scene is great. 

This is a complex game, with a lot of moving parts. Each character has at least 15 (19 if you count Paths separately from their related Aspects) separate characteristics, and I feel this might wind up being awfully complicated for many groups. It might be fruitful to evaluate each element of game play separately and be certain that it contributes to the overall experience – although all the ideas are sound there may just be too many ideas.

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